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14 Adventure and water sports in Goa, 2021

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Snorkeling is a type of swimming done on the water surface and to enjoy the view of below water aquatic activities. The necessary pieces of equipment needed are a diving mask- to look down while breathing through a snorkel, a snorkel, and a pair of swimming fins. If you are diving into cold water additionally, you might need a floatation device and wet suits. This activity is best enjoyed at reefs and rocks with low currents and high visibility of aquatic activities.

With Safar travel express, you can enjoy the playful and tricky waves to their fullest. The boat is equipped luxuriously with comfortable seating, hygienic washrooms, and melodic music that will let you forget yourself and enjoy the journey. Their assistance provides you details about various well-known and adventurous locations that can give you the best memories. There is always an expert available to guide you about underwater life and rescue in an emergency. You will be given sufficient time inside the water with enough pieces of equipment such as a diving mask, swimming fins, and Snorkel. The trip begins at 1.00 pm and ends at 6.00 pm. The price of an Adventure boat trip with Snorkelling is ₹1300.00 at Safar travel express.

Services provided are:

Pickup and drop

To start the journey, you will join us at our location. You can easily reach the starting location by any private or public mode of transport. For the ease of our travelers, we also drop them back at their staying place. Also, there is no difficulty to reach the starting point you can easily find us by searching “Safar travel express” in the maps. 

Snorkeling- it the main attraction of your adventurous trip. You will get about 15-20 mins time for Snorkelling. You can choose to stay longer, keeping in mind there is a queue behind you. However, if you are willing to end before the usual timing, you can always do that. Since Snorkelling doesn’t need much training, you will be given some basic instructions before starting the adventure. 

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Fishing: Safar travel express offers various fishing experiences too. We arrange the trip in a way where you can find big oceanic fishes along the reefs. You will also encounter feeding the fishes, diverse ways to catch fishes, various ranges of species, and lots of actions.

Kayaking- we offer kayaking adventure to showcase the natural beauty and rich aquatic life of the state. We scout a trip in advance to ensure the conditions of the waterways to give you maximum safety. We ensure paddlers of all ages with any skill level experience and enjoy the natural channels.

Swimming- if you wish to go on a swimming adventure, pack your bags and book an appointment with us. You will find pools that will lead to water bodies in a few miles. We also have lifeguards to guide you about the water conditions. Besides enjoying a vacation, some exercises keep you in a better mood and give you more energy.

Sailing on sail yacht- our services also includes sailing on an elegant yacht. The yacht is the perfect way to relax under shades. The yacht is elegantly decorated throughout and has spacious dining and lounging areas. 

Surrounded with music on-demand- music can add extra sizzle to your trip. It adds enthusiasm and life to any party. Our boats have a music system, and we change and play any song you wish.

Equipped rental- we provide all equipment needed for your adventurous trips. We have rental diving masks, fins, Snorkel, fishing rods, and kayaks waiting for you. 

Snack, juice/bottled water- packed juices and bottled water are available for you. You can also take some snacks such as chips, tea, chocolate biscuits from the boat while waiting for your turn to Snorkel.

The other benefits include dolphin sightseeing and visiting the famous attractions of the favorite places of the trip.

Lunch- we offer both veg and non-veg lunch buffets with a large spread of delicious items. You can eat your favorite seafood and fill your stomach with a variety of foods available. The hygiene and the quality of ingredients is our motto.

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